Our park

Along the coast of the small river, you can see endemic and medicinal plants of Madagascar ; plants of high value such as Hintsy, Fotabe, Raphia, Pandanus, Ravinala, Antafana and fruit trees like Coconuts, mangos, bananas, Lemons, Vanillas, etc. During your visit, don’t miss the tortles. And if you will have the chance, you will meet our Lemurs: two diurnal species that live at our site. In the evening, if you are lucky, you can get to know the Choerogales or the little lemur Microcebus : known as the smallest of the norcturnal lemurs. Moreover, a small romantic corner awaits you to end your tour. A place that makes our site unic in Sainte Marie island : a jacuzzi with a small natural waterfall where you swim.