Live an unforgettable day of well-being!

Let yourself be tempted by a care well-being in an original and unusual place. A room integrated in the middle of our park which the sounds of our waterfall and the songs of birds will make you fully enjoy the benefits of nature like nowhere else.

During your holidays, take time to relax with our massages made with essential oils of Madagascar and give you pleasures to take good care of your body.

Massages offered

A relaxing massage that helps you reduce stress, restore your calmness and your stability.

Massage with mixture of Ravintsara and coconut oils.  50 min. / 45 000Ar or 12 euro.

Kneading, percussion, as well as palpation, all stimulate your muscles to release your aches.

Massage with mixture of Katrafay and coconut oils. 50 min. / 50 000Ar or 14 euro.

Good for chasing your nervous tension and facilitate your sleep, massage with a hot oil.

Massage with sesame and essential oils.  30 min. / 55 000Ar or 15 euro.

A good massage : relieve your back pain and soften the knots.

Massage with Katrafay and coconut oils.  20 min. / 30 000Ar or 8 euro.

This is specially to soothe your heavy and tired legs.

Massage with coconut and rosemary oils. 20 min. / 30.000Ar or 8 euro.


Body cleaning with natural products, coconut, fine sands, rice powder, sugar and honey. 45 min. / 00.000Ar

Cleaning with natural products.

Massage with mixture of Katrafay and coconut oils. 45 min. / 00.000Ar

Make your hands and your feet attractive and beautiful before you get back home.

Massage with vegetable and essential oil, nail polish application.  30 min. / 00.000Ar