Black-and-white ruffed lemurs

Two individuals of Varecia variegata live in the Natiora site. Varcia is the biggest Lemurs, after Indri Indri still called babakoto in Malagasy. It can reach a meter and has magnificent pela, longer and bushier than other lemurs. It is the species that give birth two young, which is very rare in lemurs. The dominant of the group is still a female as with all diurnal lemurs. They live in group of six to eight individuals, sometimes only three. They are distinguished from others by their ability to observe maximum heat. Instead of spreading her arms in a sitting position like other lemurs, the Varecia lies with her arms apart and her legs stretched out.

The ruffed lemur is a threatened species as Malagasy hunts it and because do the major deforestation in Mada. Here in Natiora Green Lodge, they are feed and eat in the nature : fruits, leaves, fruits, etc.