Natiora Green Lodge with its central position, it is the perfect point for well discovering all parts of Sainte Marie Island (the north, south or the east). In collaboration with several local service providers, various excursions to different tastes will be at your disposal according to your needs. The additional information will be communicated to you on your arrival or contacting us.

If you are an adventure anthusiaste, this is a day excursion with a car that is well adapted to the slopes. Discover the eastern coast of the Island, a site with a biodiversity worthy. The tour consists of crossing the trails and sands of the east, passing through the lush forests and villages. Then a pause to the black lake just before to join Anafiafy village. Another worthy of the eastern is the wide forest of mangroves which is about 300 ha and constituted the 50% of the mangrove forest on the east coast of Madagascar. A relax time in Ampanihy bay. Lunch in a typic restaurant.

This is the second excursion that crosses the east coast of the island, except this time it’s a guided hike. Departure from Natiora Green Lodge to cross Anafiafy forests and its inescapable green landscape. Visit of some culture fields to which you discover the plantations of : Vanilla, Cloves, Coffee, Fruits and all kinds of spices. Then, with pirogue you will cross the mangrove forests that covers the 50% of the mangroves of the east of Madagascar. Relax in the wild beach of Ampanihy bay.

Half-day excursion with a botanist guide. Depart from our Lodge to the quarry, then crossing Ikalalao forestsby feet in admiring the green nature whose landscapes offer unmissable scenographies. On the routes, you enter a forest rich in plant species (endemics and medicinals plants of Madagascar, orchids and fruit trees, etc.) and animals such as Chameleons, Europate geckos, Boas, Beetles, etc. Also known as a haven for birds ; Black and blue parrots, Bulbuls, etc. Back to the village of Maromandia, then a short bath in the fresh waterfall of Antanandava.

One of the most frequent sites, the north of the island is a very special paradise. Made up of three wave basins, form natural pools in which a barrier of black rocks crushes the waves and gives a very impressive sight. Also as a sacred place for local people, a local guide will make your visit more lively. This tour is organized in depart from Natiora Green Lodge with vehicul through the villages, then down to the northern part of the natural pool, you can admire the typical rocks and the beauty of the beach on the north side of the island.

From July to September, humpback whales that can reach 16m long and weigh up to 30 tons, move to the southern hemisphere for mating and calving. During their passage, they surprise us : when they hit the water with the help of their pectoral fins or their tails, leave their heads on the surface of the sea, or the most marvelous is when they make the jump off water. We will have the pleasure of organizing whale watching for you with the help of some companies. Enjoy this unforgettable moment to make sense of your stay.

Sainte Marie Island is an island rich in history. It is said that nearly a thousand buccaneers took refuge on the island of Sainte Marie during the 17 th and 18 th century. The island has served as a haven for many pirates like John Avery, William Kidd, Thomas Tew, etc. This excursion includes the visit of the Pirate Cemetery, the Forbans Island and the visit of the 1st Catholic Church of Madagascar.

Guided tour, departure from Natiora Green Lodge to La pointe sud, admiring the green landscape and the villages on the paths. Arrival at the La pointe sud, departure with a pirogue locale for the tour of Ile aux Nattes where you will enjoy the discovery of the island’s beauty with its crystalline beaches. Then visit of the villages inside the island to make contact with the villagers and discover Saint-Marians’ daily life. Lunch in a small typical restaurant. Relaxation and swimming in one of the most beautiful beach of the island. Return to Natiora at the end of the afternoon.