Brown lemurs

One of the most widespread and common species in Madagascar because it adapts well to the environment in which it lives even in captivity. They usually live in groups of three to twelve individuals, there are several male and female adults, with sub-adults, adolescents, young in small ages. Its diet is varied, it includes leaves, young shoots, flowers and fruits. In some areas of the East, Eulemur Fulvus Fulvus can feed on flower, pine and eucalyptus plantations. As with all lemurs, communication is vocal or gestural but is also done by marking. It consists in leaving a olfactory imprint on the vegetations by means of glands located at specific places of their bodies. The life span of this species may exceed 20 years in the wild.

Currently, like all lemurs in Madagascar, brown lemur is still threatened by deforestation and destruction of its habitat.

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